Windows Installation

Your computer’s operating system is at the core of everything you do – without it a computer is just a bunch of electronic parts that serve no real purpose.

Making sure that your operating system is up and running smoothly is the foundation for an enjoyable computer experience. Windows remains the dominant platform for desktop PCs and laptops and we’re ready to help you with your Windows installation today.

While most new PCs and laptops come preloaded with Windows there’s still a lot that can go wrong along the way and we’re here to help with that. Things can really get complicated if there are multiple users that will be accessing your computer on a regular basis, but rather than struggling with the process yourself give us a call at (647) 478-9245 and we’ll take you through every step of the way to make sure that all of the users on your system have the access they need.

Another thing that may complicate your window set up is if you have multiple devices you want to connect to the system. We are here to make sure that your printer, scanner, wireless mouse, and keyboard are connected properly to your system and working as they’re supposed to. We’ll test everything out and provide you with step by step demonstrations so that you know how to use all of your equipment properly before we leave you to it.

One more thing, before we consider the job done we’ll make sure that your system has all of the necessary updates. Windows is a great operating system, but even if you’ve just purchased a new system there’s a good chance that your version of Windows was already out of date before your computer was out of the box. We’ll run all of the latest updates and make sure you’re ready to go.

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