Slow Computer

Computers may be the engine that keeps us moving in this always connected world of ours.

From time to time you may find yours slowing down a bit and there may be many reasons for that. Your first inclination may be to think that it’s some kind of virus, but that may not be the case at all – we suggest you bring it into us and we can take a look. We’ll perform a full diagnostic and take a look at all of the potential problems so that we can eliminate the most obvious first.

The problem causing your computer to slow down may be as simple as dust buildup around the vents or internal fans. Computers are amazing tools, but they’re also very intricate machines and if they’re not kept clean you run the risk of them overheating and slowing down – they may even stop working altogether. Understandably, you might not be comfortable with taking your computer apart and that’s where we come in. Our technicians are both hardware and software experts and when it comes to taking a computer apart it’s always best that you leave it to someone that’s familiar with your system.

In the event that it is something a little more serious than just a little bit of dust buildup we’ll sit down with you and discuss your options before proceeding. In many cases there may be more than one solution to your problem and we’ll take the time to present you with all of the potential solutions before we do anything.

If you find the slowdowns you’re experiencing are generally more noticeable when browsing the web that may suggest a problem with your browser and not really your computer at all. We’ll consider all of the simplest solutions to your problem first – the replacement of any hardware in your system will always be the last resort. Give us a call at (647) 478-9245 today and we’ll be happy to fix your slow computer.

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