Network Troubleshooting

No matter how good your home or office network is there may come a time when you run into some issues.

Perhaps you’ll find that your network speeds are bogging down and creating a great deal of frustration for your users, but only at particular times of the day. There are many different factors that may be causing this and Geeksquare can help you get to the source of your problems. As tempting as it may be to use online self-help sites they’re never going to provide you the type of in-depth insight that our technicians can after sitting down and talking to your people allowing them to describe their problems in their own words.

Our networking specialists have learned through experience to recognize telltale symptoms of every common networking problem today. We’ll bring that expertise to bear on your own unique problem, but only after close consultation with you and your employees (or family members as the case may be). We believe that listening to you is just as important in getting to the root of any networking problem as our own expertise is.

The source of the network problems you’re facing may be related to the type of traffic that is common to your network, but it may also be hardware related as well. After listening closely to you we’ll then take a closer look at your software, your hardware infrastructure, and your networking hardware to determine what the best plan for repairing your network is.

There are many different solutions to almost any problem and we’ll provide you with your options before proceeding. We’re strong believers in getting your input so that we can provide you with a solution you want – not one we’ve dictated to you. This is your network after all and you should have a great deal of say in how that network is constructed. Give us a call at (647) 478-9245 today and we could get your network up and running again.

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