Home Networking

When we think about computer networks we normally picture businesses or educational Institutions, but there’s no reason you can’t establish a home network so that you can easily share information with other members of your family.

Geek Square is ready to help you create your home network. Our experts will walk you through the process and provide you with all of the information you need to get your network up and running. For the most part your network will run smoothly once it’s set up, but problems can occur and we make it part of the setup process to make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge you need when problems do occur.

Part of the process of building an effective and useful home network is making sure you have the right equipment. We will make sure you have the right equipment including the proper router to make sure your network functions as it should. Unless all of the devices that you want to connect to the network are located in the same room you’re probably best to opt for a wireless network router and most routers these days have that option anyway.

Why would you want to set up a home network? Probably the main reason is to share all of your media across multiple devices. For example, you might have an external hard drive directly connected to the router which then shares all of your MP3 music files, movies, and documents across the network. Any information you can store on a computer can be shared across a network and in the home that really opens up a lot of possibilities.

Probably the main reason there aren’t more people setting up home networks is because they see it as an extremely complicated task and they just don’t want to take the time to set one up. Geek Square can quickly untangle and uncomplicate things for you, set your network up, and educate you so that you can keep your network operating smoothly. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call at (647) 478-9245 today and we could setup your home network right away.

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