Some Best Things About Surface Pro

Here in this article you will come to know some best things about the new Surface Pro.

5 Best Things About Surface Pro

Longer battery life:

The Surface Pro by Microsoft has outstanding battery life of about 13.5 hours. Probably the battery timing mostly depends on the usage. However according to research it has been noted that the minimum battery timing is 8 to 9 hours, that’s not bad at all. With the Creators Update especially for standby functionality, Microsoft made a lot of battery improvements.

Intel Core i5:

Microsoft give its user a commendable choice with Intel Core m3 Edition. Although this is a great tool, it is the lower-tier Surface Pro. It does not have the arc of the original Core Pro processor. The one who prefer a cool surface pro experience, but still want the performance of Core i5, Microsoft offers seventh generation Intel Core i5 fanless processor.


Microsoft is finally introducing 4G LTE in some models of the new Surface Pro. The company basically want to showed that there is no physical difference in the presence between non-LTE and LTE versions. The antenna lines which had the same size of the display are hidden by Microsoft. According to Microsoft, as compared to Wi-Fi the 4G won't dramatically impact battery life. Along with nano SIM Microsoft is also adding electronic SIM (eSIM) support. In this way you can buy and activate a data plan in the Windows Store.


Microsoft has make lot changes with the display and the output in Surface Pro and it turns into new surface Pro. The new Surface Pro's display is now more consistent with less light bleed and sharing the only 'world's slim' bound glass. The Surface Pro gives sharper colors there are also color profiles like SRBB, DCI-P3 and vivid settings.

Widely Available:

The Surface Pro is widely available in almost 26 markets at the same time. Hence you can buy Surface Pro easily.