3 Best Backup Software Of 2018

Many of us do not take it seriously to backup their data, although it’s essential to backup your data. So, you must backup your data; it will save you from the big loss as well. Your hard drives, windows, pen drives, and many more can stop working anytime, so you should backup your data. Whenever we talk about backing up of data, there comes the name of backup programs. There are many different kinds of backup software available in the market, but selecting the best one is tricky. Geek Square onsite computer repair service in Toronto is available for you whenever you need help; we will mention the three best backup software of 2018; these are fully tested software.

3 Best Backup Software Of 2018

Cobian Backup:

Cobian backup is an advanced and one of the best backup software for experienced and confident users; it is highly customized, optically encrypted, and is used to design and assign multiple backup jobs.


FBackup is another one of the best backup software on our list. This software offers advanced and simple modes, with easy and automatic scheduling. It also provides its user a choice of wizard and advanced mode.

Google Backup:

Google Backup is a well-known and a new backup tool. It is also among the best backup software, and it uses Google Drive to store your essential files and depends on how much online Google storage you have available.