No matter where you are in Toronto area, Canada, simply give us a call and one of technicians will join you on-site in no-time and provide you with best PC repair service.

* We Take House Calls!

For many businesses and individuals replacing that trusty old desktop PC isn’t an option, but neither is a lot of down time. After all, the modern world is built around computer hardware and software.

At Geeksquare we know how important your PC is to you on either a personal or business level. That strange humming sound coming from your desktop PC may have you worried, and justifiably so, but we can help. We’re qualified to work on all makes and models of PCs and no problem is too big or too small to deal with. That humming noise may be a fan that needs replaced, or it could just be a buildup of dust or dirt that’s accumulated over time. We’ll find the simplest solution to repair your PC and get you back up and running.

There are times when a computer has simply outlived its shelf life and if that’s the case we’ll tell you as well. While it may seem cheaper to keep an old PC running than replacing it, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it may simply be more trouble than it’s worth. We’re in the business of repairing PCs, but if it’s time to replace yours will give you the straight goods because we know you’ll come and see us again next time when we can help you with a repair.

Being a computer repair technician is a lot like being a car mechanic – there are a lot of different problems that may cause the same symptoms. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to get to the root of your problem and provide a correct diagnosis and repair solution. We will always make every attempt to have you back up and running as quickly as possible, but not if it means cutting corners. It’s always our goal to provide you with a solution that works for the long-term. Give us a call at (647) 478-9245 today and we’ll be happy to help you with PC repair.

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