Blurring the Lines Between the Virtual and Real Worlds

As our technology continues to improve to the point that we can begin envisioning the dawn of a new era were reality and the virtual world are barely distinguishable we’re constantly introduced to exciting and new advancements. Think of any science fiction show or movie were real immersive technology allows our descendants to live out their fantasies or work in alien environments such as Star Trek or Avatar. The brave new worlds on display in these futuristic dramas are getting closer to reality each and every day.

A great example of this type of technology in action is the ItsMe app based avatars created by the Toronto based start-up company of the same name. Most of us have some experience with avatars in the form of cartoon characters in online games or the old Nintendo Wii. This is something a little bit different. They actually create avatars that are much closer copies of the real you. They do this by placing the individual in a room surrounded by cameras that scan your body and facial features and recreate them in the virtual world – right down to the scars and the tattoos!

The potential applications for something like this are staggering. Picture a virtual world where instead of following your friends posts on a Facebook feed, you throw on your virtual headgear and meet them in a virtual world coffee shop where it’s easy to recognize each other because you look exactly like the real you. Alternatively you might go on a virtual vacation with friends that live halfway across the world in realistic settings depicting some of the worlds favored destinations. The possibilities are pretty much endless and it’s likely that ItsMe are simply the pioneers of a technology that will soon become a reality for all of us.

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