Yoga Book, Lenovo's Paper-like Tablet

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Lenovo has officially announced specifications and release date (October 2016) of its long awaited Yoga Book. Lenovo's Yoga Book is a hybrid 2-in-1 device, consisting of 10.1-inch HD display, clamshell hinge and Real Pen Stylus. Clamshell's blank slate acts as backlit illuminated keyboard, Lenovo has named it as 'Halo keyboard' - no physical keyboard clamshell.

Stylus Pen on blank slate can be used for drawing or notes taking. If the user is done with drawing or handwriting, he/she can quickly switch from paper-like book to a typical tablet by pressing an onscreen touch button. This will trigger appearance of Halo keyboard on clamshell slate.

Contrary to iPad, Halo keyboard does not appear onscreen but clamshell; hence it offers more space for hand-movement during drawing or hand-writing. Since Halo keyboard do not have physical keys, it might take some time for users to adept.

In a way, Yoga Book has something for everyone; whether one likes to draw, handwrite with (Stylus) Pen or use it as a tablet.

Yoga Book will come with both Windows and Android operating systems. Price of Android version will be around $500, whereas buyers of Windows Yoga Book will have to pay $50 more.

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