3 Possible Reasons Why Bose Headset Making Clicking Noise

Bose headphones are primarily known for their noise-canceling and high-quality speakers. They also make two lines of headsets. Four aviation headsets, including the A20, are included in the first line. The second line is known for the Bluetooth technology, which consists of the Series 2 headset, the newest of Bose's two Bluetooth headsets.

Geek Square often get Bose headphone related computer repair house calls in the Toronto area. There could be various reasons for clicking in Bose headsets. In this article, we are going to discuss the most frequent ones.

3 Reasons For Clicking Noise

Reason 1:

The first reason for clicking is that it may be possible that its cable is damage. So, make sure that the cord is not damaged, as it could create interference, which results in clicking sounds.

Reason 2:

The clicking noise may be due to charging or changing the battery. The flow of power to the unit itself can be interrupted when a battery needs to be recharged or replaced, which may result in clicking, ticking, and other audio issues.

Reason 3:

The Bluetooth problem can also result in clicking sound. If the headset is not paired correctly with your Bluetooth-enabled device, the headset may produce a clicking noise while it searches for the signal from the Bluetooth.
Hence, you will need to avoid these three things to prevent clicking noise.

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