Disadvantages Of Using Earphones

These days many people frequently connect earphones with their PCs and laptops for music and video. At Geek Square, we come across many computer repair tasks, where our computer technicians in Toronto area get asked what about disadvantages of earphones. In this article, we will answer that question for everyone.

Earphones are a pair of small loudspeakers worn over the ear to listen to the radio, telephone communication, or music. Earphones convert an electrical signal to a corresponding sound in the ear.

There are many hearing-related disadvantages, whatever earphones you choose. Earphones affect your hearing ability after sometimes or after a certain age.

Here we are going to discuss some disadvantages of using earphones.

5 Disadvantages Of Using Earphones

1. Pain In-Ears:

The people who use earphones and headphones may have pain in the ears. They may complain of some strange sound buzzing inside ears or a sharp pain at a certain point of the ear. The problem arise mostly due to the use of earphones for long hours. It also happens due to listening to loud music.

2. Hearing Loss:

One of the main reasons for hearing loss is listening to loud music. People can suffer temporary loss of hearing by listening to music at volumes exceeding 90 decibels. This range of sound can eventually cause permanent hearing loss.

3. Effects On Brain:

The earphones produce electromagnetic waves, which can cause harmful effects to your brain. However, there is no strong medical evidence yet to prove the harmful effects. Presumably, people who daily use the earphones can have dangerous effects on their brain. A little infection in the inner ear can directly affect the brain and can lead to serious health issues.

4. Numb Ears:

Many people use earphones or headphones the whole day. So, according to the modern study, their hearing abilities get numb for a while and then comes back to normal.

5. Ear Infections:

Some people share their earphones. Bacteria from the ears of different people can easily travel through your headphones. So in this way, they can suffer from certain ear infections.

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